Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hydergine needs more than 3mg per day to be effective (in many cases)

the Anti-aging library has noted this article on hydergine dosage:

HYDERGINE – STILL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, The World Health Network - Anti-Aging and Longevity
Their assessment was based on their findings that three-mg/ day of Hydergine for six months was ineffective in improving symptoms of eighty patients with Alzheimer's disease. What I think the authors really proved, however, was that three-mg per day is an inadequate dose for Alzheimer's disease (surprise, surprise!).

Previous studies indicated that higher doses were usually required to benefit patients with Alzheimer's disease.
For example, a team of physicians at Stanford University (Yesavage, et al., 1979) administered 6mg of Hydergine each day to 14 hospitalised patients, (aged 62-84) with senile deterioration. All of these patients had been treated for at least 4 months with 3mg Hydergine per day, without noticeable improvement. However, after 12 weeks of treatment at the higher dose, seven of eleven surviving patients, (three of the patients died due to unrelated causes) had shown improvement. One patient, who had been hospitalised for two years, improved so dramatically he was discharged from hospital!

In another study in Japan, Yoshikawa and colleagues (1983) conducted a large double blind study of Hydergine in 550 patients. They found that almost half of the patients in the 6mg group- 48.9%, showed a moderate to marked improvement, compared with only 17.9% in the 3mg group.
Furthermore, they noted that “the superiority of a higher Hydergine dose was particularly pronounced in patients with heavy-headedness, sleep disturbances of various kinds, problems of concentration, loss of vigor, memory disturbances and giddiness.”

They concluded that; “the favourable effects of Hydergine on psychiatric, subjective and neurologic symptoms in patients with cerebrovascular disease are considerably increased when a higher dose is used,” that “a daily dose of 3mg may therefore be insufficient,” and that “clinically relevant improvement may be obtained in more cases if the dose is increased to 6mg per day.”


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